The new muse of Chanel

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000d60aa06df082a0f4e48.jpgKeira Knigthley, actress of Pirates of caribbean, has been selected to be the new muse for the perfume Coco mademoiselle.

This is the ad and the tv commercial.


survey about luxury brands

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I have done this survey in order to see if Chanel brand is a recognized and a famous brand. In fact, I would like to do a collateral with at my blog I have crase on Chanel. I would like to know if Chanel is the best luxury brand for people.




This report will look at:

  • What are famous luxury brands for interrogated people?

  • What kind of luxury products do people buy and why?

  • Why do they enter in luxury shops?

  • What do they think about Chanel?



1- We can say that when we ask people to name a luxury brand the major part cite Chanel and Dior. Next, Louis Vuitton comes in third position. After that, almost all people interrogated know all luxury brands. We can notice that the luxury brand the fewest lame is Guess (64,3%). Moreover, the brand that has the most gusto is Dior. In fact, 5 persons chose it like favorite brand against 4 vote for Chanel. We can observe that Dolce Gabbana, Kenzo, Hugo Boss have been cited only one time. In fact, it’s question in luxury brands for men. Besides, two persons said that they don’t have a favorite brand in particularly.

2- After that, we can notice that 87,5% of interrogated people had buy a luxury product yet. In fact, only two people didn’t buy it. Then, everybody answered that they had luxury products. In fact, in accessories, we mean perfume and this purchase is the fewest expensive product. Nowadays, almost everybody uses perfume and in particularly luxury product like Dior, Chanel…. Moreover, we can see that three persons bought bags and two bought clothes like suit and watch. In fact, according to them, luxury products represent something of stylish (for 56,3% of interrogated person). But 9 persons find that these products cost relatively expensive. In fact, as its are upscale products, its are more expensive. There is all the image around these brands and is the matter of the Haute-Couture, so fabrics are more researched.

3- Moreover, we can note that they enter in luxury shops by curiosity. In fact, 8 persons put this answer. Next, 18,8% of interrogated persons go to these store in order to buy something or a gift. Only persons answer that they want to know luxury prices.

4- In question of Chanel, the celebrity who is associated to the brand is Nicole Kidman. In fact, 93, 8% answer that she is the real muse of Chanel. Next, come Vanessa Paradis with two people voted for her. Keira knightley and Kate Moss obtain zero voting. We can explain that with two reasons. First of all, Keira Knightley has just sign this year the contract with Chanel for the perfume Coco Chanel. Secondly, they didn’t choose Kate Moss because she is associated to a lot of brands. Moreover, we can add that Nicole Kidman had the main character in the ad the most known of Chanel. When I ask to them what did they think about this ad with Nicole Kidman, the answer is first of all amazing (46,2%) and beautiful (41,7%). The adjective “long” is the last used by interrogated persons to describe this ad. In fact, this ad can be seen during two minutes. Although, normally an ad is of 30 seconds. We can say that fortunately that this ad is liked of consumers because it had been very expensive.

5- Most of 75% of interrogated persons who answer to this survey are students. In fact, as I am myself student, my main contact are my friends who are in school.

Making of

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Behind this campaign, it artistic director Jacques Helleu. He has been charmed by Nicole Kidman in the movie of  Baz Luhrmann « Moulin Rouge ». He had the idea to do the same thing for the perfume Chanel N°5. That’s why, he contacted the actress and the filmmaker Baz Luhrman. The first meeting was in New York in 2003. Baz Luhrman wanted for this as a concept which looked like a trailer of a movie a movie which would never exist.

This ad had been shot in fox’s studios at Sydney. It needed fixe days of shoot, 250 walk-on actors, six months of post production. In fact, this campaign must have been topping because it represented all the brand (jeweller’s business, haute couture, make-up).

Chanel N°5 with Nicole Kidman

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 This is an ad for the perfum Chanel N°5 with the famous actress Nicole Kidman. For me, it’s THE ad of the brand.

This ad for the perfum Chanel n°5 cost 23 millions dollars. This is new format of ad is the more longer than other ads and it’s the more expensive of the history.It was filming by Baz Luhrman (director of “Moulin Rouge”).
The salary of Nicole Kidman was12 millions de dollars. It’s Karl Lagerfeld who created the 5 beautiful dresses wearing by Nicole Kidman. Each dress costs 150.000 dollars. The necklace that we can see at the end is in white gold, it measure one meter and it has 320 diamands. This campaign held out three years. It exists three ads: one of 30 seconds, one of one minute and one of two minutes.
The first time, this ad was seen by french people the 21st of November in 2004. The audience was of 9 millions of people. It was been an record.

the filming of the ad

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Vanessa is selected in 1991 to play a small bird of paradise for a commercial representing the perfume “Coco Chanel”. This publicity required a construction of an immense coop of 15 m top. Vanessa took classes of trapezoid to ensure her role without doubling. The commercial come out on October. This ad of  the small bird in its cage watched by a cat passed then to America.

This video is the making of Coco Chanel ad.Sorry but it’s in French.

the publicity of the perfume Coco Chanel

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This is the commercial with Vanessa Paradis for the perfume Coco Chanel.

Brand personality

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cocochanel21.jpgDuring all this semester, we will see that Chanel uses personalities who represent the caracteristics of this brand. We call that Brand Personality.

I put an example. This is Vanessa Paradis, French singer and actress, in 1991 for the perfum Coco. In fact, she looked beautiful and stylish. At this period, she is the “star” in France with her role in Noce Blanche of Jean-Claude Brisseau.